Peter Jonathan Hitchens (born 28 October 1951 in Sliema, Malta) is a British journalist and author, noted for his staunch moral and cultural conservatism. A reporter for the Daily Express for most of his career, he left the paper in 2001 and currently writes for the Mail on Sunday.

Christopher Eric Hitchens (born April 13, 1949) is a British-American author, journalist and literary critic. Currently living in Washington, D.C., he has been a columnist at Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, World Affairs, The Nation, Slate, Free Inquiry, and a variety of other media outlets. Hitchens is also a political observer, whose best-selling books–the latest being God Is Not Great[1]–have made him a staple of talk shows and lecture circuits.

Here they debate each other via a 14 part Youtube Webcast. This link will autoplay every single one in order